Hospital Bed Rest

How do you go from being one of the busiest, active, and hopelessly workaholic people you know… to being on hospital bed rest? I don’t want to make light of the situation; just trying to see this experience from the very beginning for what it is—a chance to connect with my baby, buying another day for him to better survive this world.

Perfect Timing

We followed a prompting to go to the hospital and get checked out even though I expected for them to tell me everything was fine and I should go home and stop being a paranoid pregnant lady. We got there with just enough time to stave off the active labor with the help of some of the most highly qualified medical help and one of the best hospitals to treat early labor and delivery. Jeremy and Lily both have the summer off, which was only 2 days away. The timing couldn’t have been more helpful in our circumstances.

Change of Pace and Scenery

I am so grateful for this hospital moving me to a more long-term room that’s just been refinished with two large floor-to-ceiling windows, a ton of visitor space and seating that’s not in my way, and spaces for personal prefects like a working laptop table and crannies for books or your favorite sweats. Even though I can’t get up out of bed to grab anything or check out the details of what it’s like outside, I have a lovely base for my imagination especially when I can hear it raining, or the sunset floods my room with beautiful color and light.

No Working Allowed

I’m not pushing myself or letting others push me on the highest setting possible anymore, and that’s done wonders for my well-being. The workaholic aspect has tried creeping up, but I’ve decided from the beginning to squash it since I have a new job now written on my nurse’s whiteboard: stay pregnant. Deadlines, meetings, projects, problem solving- all the stress and high blood pressure doesn’t do well for the baby or myself. I’m the one caretaker of a precious and delicate soul, and this laid back position is not going to last forever. I’d better make the most of my down time!

No cooking or cleaning

Housekeeping used to be a source of both comfort and stress for me. Doing the dishes and laundry, constantly picking up after kids, and planning meals is rewarding, yet can easily consume an entire weekend. I used to wash dishes at 4am or do an entire kitchen cleaning before bed because there was literally no other time to do it around our busy two-working-parents-with-big-callings schedule, and it threw off my entire plan of making breakfast or packing a lunch the next day if there was no clean tupperware or pans. Now I can order room service and push aside thoughts of the state of my house—out of sight, out of mind, right? And if I have a hankering for cheesecake everyday? My dear nurses just smile knowingly and tell me to go for it!


I’m not too concerned with being bored because the first thing I did when they told me how long I would need to stay here is make a list of the things I’ve always wanted to have time for but never could work on. The list had to be limited to what I could do from bed, but it was a good list! That Quiet Book I’ve wanted to finish? Check! That language I wanted to try to learn? Bam! Plus, my friends and family hooked me up with books and movies galore, and the all-important snacks.


As uncomfortable as hospital beds are, when you’re tired your body just does its own thing. There are always people coming and going, taking your vitals, poking and prodding you, reminding you to eat, helping you to the bathroom… Although the rest is not continuous or deep, at least it’s more than what I imagine being a new parent will be! Welcome it!

Here’s to a long and successful bed rest!


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