Prospector’s View Trail on a Cloudy Day

We loved our hike from yesterday so much, the first thing Jer told me when he woke up was how he was fighting the urge to go back right now. Just the two of us. We were able to do the hike up in only 20mins. Yesterday with the kids and the dog, it took 1hr one way. I ended up doing a lot of trail running trying to catch up with Jer if I paused to look at something haha. On the return hike, I stopped to enjoy all the flowers and little details like spider webs and rocks I’d missed on the way up. It felt like we were back in Hawaii with how green and humid it was. Jer made a special granola with almonds, raisins, pumpkin seeds, and oats that really made me smile as we hiked. We could see Utah Lake in the distance from the top. This place is gorgeous, and we can’t wait to be back!

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