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Rainbow Art 5th Birthday Party

This not so little girl turned 5 on Tuesday. We celebrated her birthday with friends and family at home today. When we let her pick the theme for her birthday I should have expected a mashup of all her favorite things.

Favorite color: 

Favorite things: 
art, unicorns, baby dolls, animals

When you grow up: 
A doctor (veterinarian, to be exact!)

She amazes me every day with her creativity and caring. She helped me put the party together, from painting name tags and making signs to choosing a cake and helping me set up the tables in the morning.

Rainbow Art Painting Party Invitation

The birthday invitation prominently features the little artist’s own work. She created the rainbow in watercolor, and I scanned it in and used some painterly fonts. Check it out at my Etsy store here!

Activities for Rainbow Art Painting Party

Each guest had an apron and brushes (different color for each child) to start off the fun! We set up an Art Table covered in white kraft paper outside for the kids to paint a treasure rock with some washable paint. They laid their new pet rocks in the sun to dry off, and took it home as their party favor. We set up 2 tents to give some much needed shade!

Rainbow Art Birthday Party Dessert Table

We served rainbow (angel food) cupcakes, a fruit cookie cake in all colors of the rainbow, paint brush rice krispies dipped in various colors of white chocolate, and Creative Juice. After the birthday girl blew out her candles, the layers of cookie cake were deconstructed and sliced up so everyone could have a piece! I made the giant cookies layers topped with fruit from the the rainbow: strawberries, mandarin oranges, pineapple, kiwi, blueberries, and purple grapes!

Present time! The birthday girl was thrilled to be surrounded by her friends and family, and received an awesome doctor kit, a Barbie doll, a collection of headbands in a year’s supply of hair accessories haha, and more. She immediately put on her costume after everyone left. “The doc is in!”

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