20 Things We Did So Far in 2020

We’re now 3 months into the new year when I last wrote, where to begin?

  1. We’re saving up for a house.
  2. Got a job. Well, jobs. See #1.
  3. Upgraded the laptop and got a time tracker! See #2.
  4. Filed taxes and tried a new budgeting app.
  5. Finished reading Harry Potter books 1 & 2 with L.
  6. L danced beautifully in her first Winter Showcase.
  7. Reconnected with an old friend helping her sister move.
  8. Finished wrestling season!
  9. Jer and F started freestyle wrestling.
  10. New kicks for the kids; their feet grew 2 sizes in 4 months.
  11. L read over 14 hours independently for a school fundraiser.
  12. Sang beautiful arrangements in choir.
  13. Our BFF’s baby was born, and I held her in the hospital.
  14. Spent my first paycheck on coronavirus—I mean, food storage & toilet paper…
  15. Playground for the first time in months.
  16. Finally watched Knives Out, and got into a new show.
  17. Kids loved a birthday party at Airborne trampoline arena.
  18. Missed voting in the primaries.

As for what’s going on right now, I feel like someone threw me into a triathlon when I haven’t trained at all, haha. I thought taking on more paid projects wouldn’t affect things at home, but honestly it’s turning out to be a transition back to Working Mom. I’m still getting into the groove, and figuring out how to make time when my family is used to having my full attention. I find myself missing a quiet moment alone or with my sweetheart free from looming deadlines and to-dos. The housework seems like a welcome break now, though laundry, dinner, and rotating activities don’t seem to subside. Last night I stayed up until 2am to get a project done, then got up at 6:30am to bring Jer to work since his car is in the shop. I’m not sure how long I can keep this energy up.

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster finding out F will go to Transitional Kindergarten. I’m so grateful this special class is offered with the support he needs. Another big milestone looms since W is running out of diapers and I need to potty training him. Not sure when to do that when all my free time is spent working and cleaning enough to get to the next meal.

On the flip side, God has really blessed us. I have many tools to help me try to stay organized so I don’t completely drop the ball on everyone. Meals have been unexpectedly provided on a few nights! We hit 14 green lights (a miracle) on the way to bring Jer to work, and made all of our appointments on time including meetings, preschool, buses, babysitting, nap, dance, and car appointments, pickup/drop-off, and trips to the park.

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