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7 Changes Since Coronavirus

The Coronavirus outbreak has affected everyone around the world. My husband said that even though there is chaos and uncertainty, it feels like everyone has been forced to slow down and do a hard reset together. He told me this while holding my hand on a walk after work—it’s my new favorite tradition we’ve brought back since quarantine.

Some changes this week at our home:

  1. I crave pizza. All. The. Time. Going to stores and any public place like restaurants is risky, so being home without easy/frequent access to fresh food brings on snack attacks—but the pizza craving is strong with this one. I’d see people walking by and imagine they just came from eating pizza.
  2. I spend a lot of money between 10pm and 1am. Sometimes it’s on grocery pickup orders 5 days out because there are no earlier spots available. Mostly it’s for stuff I never imagined I would buy—military grade water filters and Pokemon themed puzzles. Amazon and eBay have been my late night buddies. We have to plan ahead since everything takes longer to ship or is backordered for weeks. Easter gifts (still 2 weeks away) are not able to ship in time! I’m trying to buy my kids’ birthday presents months ahead.
  3. Potty training my youngest over Spring Break because we’ve got a week left of diapers. It’s been an adventure getting Spider-Man themed supplies (see #2 above). Normally a theme wouldn’t matter, but I don’t think my stubborn kid will cooperate—except he loves Spider-Man and I just might have to work it.
  4. Officially dropped social media and family group chats. Simplifying for my sanity. I thought since the world is in isolation together, I would get more involved digitally. It became a soul-sucking habit that left me both empty and overloaded. Overwhelmed by the noise, I just needed to get away. My friends aren’t on social, either. We call each other regularly, and that’s how I prefer it. Now I can concentrate on my sphere of stewardship, and better deal with things I can control.
  5. My family connects more often. FaceTime and Google Hangouts at least an hour/week! It’s been so nice to get together this way amongst the upheaval. My sister is still an active full-time missionary even though she’s home in quarantine, doing live streams of church activities for the ward. My father’s job is so important on the front lines installing networks in the drive-by testing tents they’ve set up just outside the hospitals. My Mom is a champ with grocery shopping for a big family again. My aunts are nurses whose units have been disbanded, and their hospitals are diverting care to COVID-19; they don’t have adequate masks and equipment for protection.
  6. My prayers have grown. This will be the 2nd Sunday we’ve fasted in a row. There are so many specific things to talk to God about, so many names to mention and people who need help. 
  7. We watch Monk. I relate so much! The aversion to change. All the germs.

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