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First Flight

The kids have been so excited for their first time at the airport and flying on an airplane, internationally no less. My Mom says that the hustle of the airport is part of the experience! For our trip to Mexico we got on freeways at 3am, shuttles, escalators, trams, connecting flights, lines to immigration/customs, lines to boarding, lines to forcing my carryon into checked luggage, and… So… Many… Bathroom… Breaks, haha!

We layered everyone up since there was such a difference in weather between home and our destination. It was snowing and freezing at our airport, but hot and humid in Cancun so we stowed our sweaters, jackets, and socks in our backpacks so we could travel in lightweight clothing.

The kids were such troopers through our super early morning adventures at the airport. They loved carting around their fancy luggage from Grandma and Grandpa, asking me to take their picture to send to Grandma and Grandpa, and ordering their drink and snack once they got settled with a movie on the plane. It was their first time having ginger ale and those airline biscuits. The flight back took the whole morning so we also got to eat some delicious airport pretzels in Dallas.

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