Blackout Camping Tent

We reserved a camping site near the East entrance to Zion National Park during Spring break. 16 years living here, and we will finally get to experience some of our state’s natural treasures!

Getting ready for our camping trip with some proper gear. We got a giant 6 person blackout tent, which has been on Jer’s wishlist for a long time. It’s big enough for all of us to sleep and stand inside it comfortably, with a dark room to keep the tent cool in the burning sun and to help you sleep well so you don’t get baked in the summer. The other big feature is the mud room area that’s surrounded by a net to keep bugs out and where you can leave your shoes or waterproof gear, and even put your camping chairs.

I asked Jer to assemble it so we make sure all the pieces are there and work before the return window ends. It filled our basement from wall to wall, and the kids had a blast walking through it while Jer got the rain cover on. They were chanting “Keep it! Keep it! Keep it!” when Jer teased them that it was too big so we should return it. I got a great deal on the tent (worth $350+tax) for over 70% off new open box. The great thing about waiting for bigger purchases like this is being able to research what you want and need, and recognizing when an opportunity is too good to pass up.

Update: Check out our first time using the tent on our Spring Break in St. George here!

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