Boys Will Be Boys

Jeremy pulled this prank on me last night. He turned off the lights and closed the door while I was in the shower with the water running, then came back in to chime in evil laughter while I screamed in terror… I guess he forgot I was afraid of the dark and scarred by the movie “It” as a child.

Last night we watched the Shawshank Redemption, and it was epic. I thought it would end in bitter-sweet sadness, and I was surprised!

Jeremy took me on our first picnic of the year at a park right across from where I work in the Riverwoods. We feasted on canned peaches, home-made sandwiches, and our favorite crackers. Then we lay in the grass on our Mexican blanket we got on our honeymoon and took a nice nap until it was time to go back to work.

I let him open his big present today, and he grinned with boyish charm hardly containing his excitement to hold his new Airsoft gun. He’s become my little Weekend Warrior, and I’ve found out it’s basically every man/boy’s fantasy… to be IN a video game. Everyone, divided into separate teams and given a specific scenario and goal, dresses up in camouflage and shoots at each other with Airsoft guns! My favorite part is learning the rules… just like in the video games, you can “respawn” but you can’t move and since you’re a dead man you can’t reveal any intel about the enemy to passer-bys… They even have rules about knifing someone in “stealth mode”- now that’s awesome. I’ve sent him off to his first Airsoft War with the big boys this weekend in celebration of his 28th birthday.

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