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Springtime Happenings 2022

Here are a few notable recent happenings:

  1. Had a wonderful soccer season with all 3 kids!
  2. Got our Passports! 
  3. General Conference
  4. Family Night Hike
  5. Kids got a dog walking job
  6. Easter baskets, painting, pond
  7. Jeremy’s 40th Birthday
  8. Kat major haul from thrift shopping
  9. Lily “Hope of America” concert
  10. Mother’s Day, a “gift of love”
  11. Field Trips
  12. Roxy’s Birthday
Roxy on her birthday

Soccer Girl

L’s confidence grew so much during this season even if it was the shortest one she’s had. The coach had practice every week and sent us some helpful drills to do; we’d have 2-3 games a week consistently in cold or crazy windy weather, but L always had a good attitude and looked forward to playing. Her favorite position to play was forward. She really went for the ball and bonded with her teammates. They played their best at every game, even when it was hard to go against teams that shoved, pushed, and were much bigger than them haha.

The kids got some easels, paint, and aprons for Easter so have been enjoying creating together. Apparently L’s clothes most often meet their demise with paint. Thankfully the kind she uses are now mostly washable!

Kids painting with their new washable paints – Easter 2022

Her Hope of America concert was televised from the Marriott center, where we got to watch her from the stands. We could see her dancing and singing, enjoying herself and the songs with the rest of her school. What a wonderful way to learn to love your state and country, and share that feeling with others! An excerpt from just one of the lyrics, “We can be a light shining everywhere, all across America showing people that we care. So let your light so shine, helping others find their way. We can turn the darkest night into the brightest day!”

Wish I got better pics of her, I circled her lol! Hope of America Concert – May 4, 2022


This kid was so fast in soccer, always the first to the ball! He’d take it all the way to in front of the goal and then overshoot or miss the net barely haha, and then start over again with a big smile on his face as soon his team got possession of the ball. His joy would spill over and show as him jumping around or doing dance moves while acting as goalie (which he did very well!) because he could not contain himself or stand still! What a funny and very entertaining kid, I loved to watch him go! His team was named The Sharks (they were blue), so his coach made them gift bags with all kinds of shark related goodies on their last game.

“The only machine we need is a car and an iPad.”

F’s musings, April 2022
F’s kid job walking a neighbor’s dog

“Thank you that I am the goodest boy in the whole wide world. Thank you that Walker is my favorite brother.”

Excerpts from F’s prayers, April 2022


May 12, 2022

It was W’s first time playing soccer! He was way too comfortable touching other people so we had to teach him a few things, like we don’t push or shove people, and on the flip side we don’t climb all over or hang onto or jump on or sit on your coach haha. Here’s what he had to say about his first season:

“I love soccer because I always get snacks!”

W, Spring 2022

He really does have a penchant for sweets and treats, but his favorite are donuts. I took him for an outing to a specialty donut shop and he loved it.

Speaking of sweet, that’s his little personality, too. Here’s an example. I took W to the doctor, and he was a little scared at the idea of having to get shots to go to Kindergarten. As we were waiting he told me that I look like a doctor. I was wearing Mom clothes, I didn’t have anything special that might seem outside of ordinary. “Why do you think I look like a doctor?” I asked him. “Because you put on my band-aid, you make it better, you help me, you take care of me.” I scooped him up and we shared a really big hug. That was the biggest compliment ever. For Mother’s Day he gave me “the gift of love” with lots of hugs and kisses… melted my heart away!

Spring Soccer 2022

Being a Mom has been the hardest but the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. My kids are AMAZING and being with my family brings me joy.

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