Christmas Party Idea

I’ve started making mood boards part of my planning process since it helps me visualize a bunch of ideas put together and get really excited about an overall picture! Here are two for an upcoming Christmas dinner and social for us to decide between.

Theme Idea 1: Celebrate Christ

Sisters have wanted a more social event with music, ice breakers, and activities to get to know each other. Highlight would be fun games like Musical chairs Christmas carols edition they can play in tables and then maybe have a champion round? We could have a take-home craft related to the birth of Christ they can make at a station. For food, maybe a traditional ham and potatoes and have signups for sides/salads/dessert? And party punch to make it special. Inexpensive flowers and little green touches for the program/menu/Christmas message. Maybe have a short speaker or musical number. And Christmas music in the background!

Theme Idea 2: Night in Zarahemla

Adapted from a ward Christmas to a RS Christmas. This would be more program-type and potentially more reverent. I would LOVE to enlist a Brother to play Samuel the Lamanite for a short message on the joy of Christ’s birth, and then maybe by then there will be a short Christmas video we can play to set the mood. Decor: Colorful! Electric candles in star lanterns for the table centerpieces, South American type blankets on the walls or displayed. Food: Mexican feast! Possible craft: Something star or light related for the Christmas star that told us of Christ’s coming! I’d love it if we encouraged costumes and maybe started some easy head pieces or something easy to add to their existing clothing if people wanted to be festive but didn’t bring anything. Need help with ice breakers or things to help sisters mix that wouldn’t be out of place in this theme. Christmas music might still be fine!

Can’t wait to see which direction we go in!

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