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Third-Story Condo Tour

Acquiring this beautiful condo, and then needing to let it go to buy a home was all divine opportunity and answered prayers. Under contract in less than 10 hours. Read about the story here. It’s been really difficult to say goodbye, but here are our last memories.

Condo Goodbye Tour

This window and the gorgeous mountain views at every time of year have been my favorite thing about living on the 3rd floor. It was a major selling point for when we decided to buy here. The vaulted ceilings combined with the beautiful natural lighting made it feel so much bigger, and we hardly realized we were in a condo rather than in an actual house because it was so comfortable. Each time I dragged groceries and car seats up and down those flights of stairs, I garnered strength and comfort from knowing I was going up to this window! My favorite times to look out: just before dawn when the sky is a vibrant pink, a storm when the mountains are green and the bow of a rainbow is visible, Christmas when the mountains are peppered in white and the rooftops are glowing with lights, and lawn care day when the grass is freshly cut.

Condo Living has been awesome, and we wanted to make the most of it while we could! Though many were not available from the pandemic, we have access to private trails, an indoor pool/spa, clubhouse, gym, and playgrounds. During our last days here, we slowly said goodbye to each of our favorite walking trails and friends.

Our ward came over to help pack, load furniture and boxes on 2 separate occasions, and clean which always makes me want to cry thinking about all the people I miss and the way they loved and served our family over the years. With the pandemic, we hardly saw anyone for weeks prior to this. It was so nice to see them in person coming out to support us with gloves and masks on. If it’s not obvious, we LOVE our ward!

Yes, I cried. So. Much. I cried thinking about how much I love our ward when the last person left. I cried when we put our mop away in the van after I cleaned our beautiful floor for the last time. I cried watching Jeremy take videos on Marco Polo to send to his family of our strangely empty, perfectly spotless kid-free space. I cried as I left a note to the new owners explaining where to find the mailbox, codes and keys, and instruction manuals. And I cried as we closed our door for the last time, and waved goodbye from the van.

It’s amazing how much we can appreciate the things we’re leaving behind as we realize the growth and joy we experienced there. This is where we celebrated F’s first birthday. We took W home from the hospital to that room for an entire year of isolation. Here’s L’s favorite tree spot. That’s where our wonderful neighbors live. We honor this truly wonderful home where we spent a beautiful time in our lives, and are excited about our family’s next chapter!

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