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DIY Little Passports: Australia

G’day, Mate! We’re heading to the Land Down Under in Australia this month with our homemade World Explorer’s Club! L was super excited when she received her package in the mail after school. This was one of her favorite souvenir activities! Check out more details below.

In This Package

I decided to go really easy on myself this month and didn’t do any crafts or extra things—just put all the goodies in a mailer, typed the letter so quickly that I made several mistakes fixed with whiteout, picked up library stuff, and packaged it to look nice.

  • Letter
  • Postcard & real Australian Stamps
  • Sydney Opera House 3D Model Kit
  • Australian Sticker Sheet
  • GROW Ocean Reef Critter Toys

Additional Resources:

  • Library Books – The Great Barrier Reef, Australia, Australia Everything You Ever Wanted to Know, Australia ABCs. Koalas, Welcome Wombats, Kangaroos, Platypuses, Mermaid Queen. Chapter books: Who Was Steve Irwin?, Dingoes at Dinnertime, Flat Stanley’s Worldwide Advebtures The Australian BoomerNg Bonanza.
  • ​Movies- the Rescuers Down Under, Finding Nemo, Imaginex Under the Sea

Things Mentioned in the Letter

Cost Breakdown

  • Postcard and Stamps: Included in initial cost
  • Sydney Opera House 3D Puzzle Kit: $6.99
  • Stickers: $0.50
  • GROW Creatures: $1
  • Library items: FREE

Total Cost: $8.49

How It’s Going

We spent some quality time putting this model together. She’s quite proud of it and displays it in her room. She’s been breezing through her books (it’s a good thing we borrowed so many!), but especially loves reading the chapter books. Her brothers enjoyed the movies more than she did because she has been really busy lately and only watched them once. She said this is one of her favorite packages so far, mostly because of that 3D puzzle!

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