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Trunk or Treat Harry Potter

An hour before the Trunk or Treat: Whoops, totally forgot to decorate the trunk. 😅 The last couple years it’s been a last minute effort to cobble together something from whatever’s around. My attitude is this…

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

Arthur Ashe

We packed a mishmash of spiders and some items from Lily’s room including legos and books and twinkle lights, and put it together over Grandma Enid’s beautiful quilt. Jer had the spider help give out candy and challenged the kids to be brave, especially when he made the spider move its legs. Some kids loved it, especially our little 4-6 year olds we used to teach who knew us. Parents definitely got a kick out of their kids reactions! For others, he reassured them that it was a fluffy teddy bear that wouldn’t hurt them. The bravest kid of all, though, was this dude…

😂 He apparently has 3 pet tarantulas at home, one of which his family caught in our canyon.

My kids kept disappearing when they found their friends. Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach were popular costumes this year. Every House was represented from Harry Potter, but L was the only Ravenclaw. We also saw plenty of Pokémon and vampires! My fav was the Wild Kratt brothers Creature Suits as bats!

There was a little indoor social afterwards with games, snacks, and places to hang out with friends and neighbors. W loved this “eat the donut from the string” game, and hilariously chased it in a circle for a while before deciding to hold it still by the string.

We got home way late for a school night, but the kids had so much fun. F said it was the best day of my life 😆. That kid has so many “best days” and I love him for it. Here’s to plenty more in our futures.

Love, Kat

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