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Park City Family Trip

Jer had a leadership training retreat in Park City. It turned into a family getaway when his principal said he could bring the family. While he was in meetings all day, the kids and I had time to do some activities. We packed light, only the necessities for two days and one night. All 5 of us fit our stuff into one carryon suitcase. Also brought the swim bag with towels and floaties, and a small lunchbox cooler with sandwiches Jer made. This was a quick unplanned trip, so it was on a small budget!

Our hotel room with all our luggage

Things To Do with Kids at Park City in Summer

We took our time to explore and hike on our first trip to Park City. This ski resort town is beautiful in summer! Buildings are well kept and made of wood or fancy glass, and I noticed the normal grocery stores carried items for a health-conscious demographic. Jer told me the city has an ordinance so signs have a maximum height and placement limit, so it was nice not to have really tall billboards or banners- and really made things feel tidy and inviting. Flower boxes and bike lanes lined the wide streets, with trails everywhere- this place is certainly for the those who love nature and the outdoors.

Bloods Lake Trail in Park City

This was a highly recommended (popular) hike, and worth the 20-30 minute drive up the scenic Guardsman Pass. We saw many of the picturesque alpine-looking village buildings on the way to the trailhead. I would have taken pictures if I wasn’t the one driving! My tracker showed it took us 1.5 miles to the lake, so 3 miles out and back. Bring bug spray!! A very nice couple shared theirs with us since we were getting eaten by bugs. There were meadows, wildflowers, tall pines, and gorgeous views (some even had benches to enjoy them) from every direction all along the trail. The chipmunks at the lake were very friendly, and made our day! Someone left a bouquet of wildflowers on a rock, and we grabbed them to keep them from wilting- they made it to our hotel room.

Indoor/Outdoor Pool at Peaks Hotel

Take advantage of your stay’s amenities! We don’t have a pool at home, and the kids always miss it especially in the summer from when we used to live in a condo with an indoor pool. As soon as we were checked in, we headed for the hotel pool and swam for hours! Our hotel had a Midcentury Modern style, and the pool area also included a sauna and hot tub. It was an indoor / outdoor pool separated by a flap, which the kids saw as a fun challenge to go under. F was excited to practice swimming without floaties with Dad. W loved going from the pool to the spa to warm up. L is a little mermaid and let her brothers cling to her while giving them rides and pretending they were a boat. There was lots of splashing, giggling, and games.

McPolin Farm Nature Trail

We didn’t have much time in the morning before checkout, so I took them to a “nature trail” that was supposed to be less than 2 miles total. I don’t think we did it right haha, because it was way short! A few farming tools and equipment were featured. “That was IT?” … The kids were unsatisfied with how short our hike was, yet earlier they complained about going on another hike. I told them the trade off is it’s easy and short, but there’s not nearly as much to see or payoff at the end. When I asked them which hike they liked better, Bloods Lake from yesterday won. Still beautiful!

Park City Library

Is it weird that we just enjoy touring the libraries? This library must be well-funded, as it had many updates and technology including a charging station powered by human motion. The library entrance had an open deck coffee shop where owners hung out with their dogs. The layout was very open, with books on 2 levels and the 3rd floor for classes or event space. The kids explored all the areas for seating and the different displays, including a “Green” area with a seed library and vertical garden. The kids asked me to help them find the Minecraft books. They checked the video games and a system for watching movies in the teen section, and L found a book she got interested in that we were able to put on hold from our library.

I wish I had more time to sit here and read, myself! I spent my library time admiring the plants, hunting my kids down (the open layout meant they could be anywhere), and finding books that piqued my interest from the Featured collection.

So Fancy

Jer took us to dinner with his coworkers at Billy Blanco’s which had cars and motorcycles hanging from the ceiling. Our family of 5 slept in the King bed, and found out that F rolls around all over haha. I didn’t sleep well, but we had a fantastic breakfast. It’s always a special occasion staying in a hotel for us.

Traveling is so much more fun with Daddy around. Apparently I don’t have nearly as much energy or swimming skills for these kids 😆 … I enjoyed visiting a new place that’s not too far away, but I was also so happy to be able to sleep when I got home to my own bed with no Rugrats rolling around in it.

Love, Kat

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