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Creating Joyous Memories with Summer Fun

I have been working on saying Yes more often and more deeply. It’s easier to do during summer when there’s less of a schedule, and I can feel ok with relaxing the rules and responsibilities of the rest of the year. It’s had some wonderful results!

Yes to getting “out there” and giving the kids opportunities to do what they love. We met friends at a new park, picnicked at the splash pad, walked the dog together, and I even let them play Donkey Kong and Minecraft for hours.

Yes to maybe being dirty or uncomfortable— to sweat, ice cream, paint, and wet shoes all over. Yes to more banana bread, brownies, and popcorn movie nights (smothered in melted butter or coconut oil).

I’m so happy that L and I get to spend more mother-daughter time together. She’s been more open with her thoughts and what she wants. YES to that purse she found because she never asks for anything, plus her birthday is coming up. Yes to new clothes, and snacks on the bed with a Harry Potter read-aloud!

Our Mother-Daughter date this month was e-Biking to our local Red Barn for fresh ice cream. We both chose a tropical flavor with pineapple and coconut! So creamy and delicious, and we got to enjoy a sunset ride together on the way home.

Saying Yes has been really hard when I’m tired and scared of the unknown, but I need it to keep training for this half marathon. Waking up at 4am to meet my friend for a 10 mile run? Yes! Another mile or 5? Yes! I feel myself getting stronger with each time I follow through. Showing up is more than half the battle- and once I’m there, I’m in it and committed. And isn’t that how life is? Less than a month to go before the race! I’ve been able to break some personal records this summer, had magical moments running with butterflies and dragonflies and coming face to face with deer in the early hours. What have you been able to experience because you said Yes?

Love, Kat

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