October Everyday Moments

A little bit of lately 🎃

“Hehe! I’m RICH…” 🤑-W on playing the Game of Life, 10/8/23

F asked me to play a game with him, and this day I made time. I had planned an easy nutritious meal and prepared it early enough that we could play after dinner. All the kids joined in and we had the best time laughing and crying to the Game of Life.

Ever since I got this calling, I feel God’s strength and help in my personal life. He’s helping me to keep things together and to have time to be with my children. He’s helping me to manage my workload and schedule, and alleviating my burdens with the house work. The kids are so eager to learn and help me. I feel very grateful.

Embarrassed of his organized chaos – one of my new fav pics of Jer!

Here are more “day in the life” glimpses.

I found a surprise in my bed, and finished a book!
L with her drawings, plants, and rocks

Love, Kat

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