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This Is Halloween 2023

Family Pumpkin Carving

Clockwise from top left: Dad Minecraft, Mom Día de los Muertos, W Spider face, F Scary Face with ears, L Big Eyes

We carved our pumpkins a couple days ago. They turned out so well! We couldn’t even eat near W’s spider face one because it was so creepy!

School Monster Mash

I helped with F’s 2nd grade class party today. We did a Freeze Dance, one of his favorite games! “It’s Raining Tacos” was the hit of our 10 minute dance. There were so many fun games using just cups and balls, hoops, and Headbands. I stayed for the Halloween Parade at school and got to see my sons and all the cute kids in costume. It’s my first time this school year helping out, and I felt like a total celebrity with how excited my kids are to see me in their classroom. “Guys! That’s my Mom!” Plus I got to meet their friends they always talk about 😆

Trick or Treating

Our neighbors are the best!! Hot dogs and chips at our favorite house to start! There was so much creativity in the decorations, lighting, candy, and all the things people were giving out. One house had homemade hot chocolate for the adults; it took around 4 hours to make it from scratch with melted chocolate chips—definitely a loving gesture to neighbors. The kids felt so special and excited with each house. One of their favorite treats were little soft stuffies they carried with them that kept their hands warm. A house on our street turned their porch into a Jurassic World complete with forest, an erupting volcano with smoke and fire, and little dinosaur sticky toys! We had so much fun bumping into friends and visiting our neighbors!

Jer stayed home to give out candy and make chili. He had put candles in our carved pumpkins, and changed the colors on our lights to be orange, purple, and green for a spooky glow. What a fun surprise to come home to!

Until next time, Kat

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