Provo River Rafting Utah

We had a blast floating down the Provo River in an inflatable raft! This was the most AWESOME end-of-summer ward activity with our ward! Life jackets, a bus to shuttle us to the top of the river from our meeting point at Vivian Park, and inflatable tubes or rafts with paddles were provided. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect- overcast so we weren’t seared by the sun, and enough warmth that the cold water was refreshing.

Jer got voted to be our captain and direct our paddling efforts on our 12-person raft. He said that our daughter L was his best paddler! She has always belonged in the water, even as a baby. Today she helped paddle in our last half of our high adventure trip, was a natural with strength and agility in where and how to move the boat.

Stunning scenic views I wish that cameras were able to capture! Instead of looking down on it from the canyon, we were surrounded by it. The mountain was especially green, and the water active with ducks and little areas for us to “white water” over haha.

The kids loved any torrents or bumps we encountered since our float was pretty mellow for them sitting safely in the middle. It was lots of fun and action for me as one of the paddlers! A few of our fellow tubers or rafters had fun splashing us, attempting to ram us, or letting us tow them haha. It was a challenge for us to paddle together and follow our captain, but on the rare occasion that we accomplished what we intended we celebrated.

As long as we didn’t crash completely into rocks or the bordering trees, we considered it a success! It lasted a little under 2 hours, and we were in the water at least an hour. We hope to do this again! Maybe we kayaks instead, or something that would allow us to individually paddle. Sunscreen and hats were useful, as well as waterproof bags for any electronics or keys. For future reference, based on High Country Adventure’s website pricing at the time of my writing, this rafting experience would cost our family around $170 with tax ($35 per adult, $25 for ages 8 and under).

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