Dripping Rock

It’s my birthday, and a new hike is exactly how I’d like to celebrate! Even as locals of Utah County for years, this is the first time we’ve been to Dripping Rock trail. It’s truly a special place, a short and easy trail perfect for families and relaxed visitors. The climate is so different from our dry area. Dense trees, summer humidity, and overhanging vines/rocks give a jungle feel. Our kids loved the cold water and never knowing where the rocks were underneath them. Bring swimsuits to avoid dripping jeans, too.

There were several dripping rocks along the stream in varying sizes, so plenty to explore. I wish I knew more about this phenomenon and why the water drips from above what feels like a cave and the trees in a steady line into a stream. In this case, a picture is worth a thousand words (click to enlarge).

Birthday Hike to Dripping Rock
My little buddy F at Dripping Rock

These are our lifelong friends. I’m thankful they met with us here, and that even our dog was able to enjoy the water! I made the kids take showers / baths before going on this hike, of course I didn’t know we would be swimming here haha. Lucky us, we ended up doing Double Bath Day when we got home!

What I Did For My Birthday

Everyone let me sleep in this morning and made crepes topped with peaches and blueberries for breakfast. What a treat—one we only get on special occasions such as this! I was a little melancholy from missing my Grandma. She has been my Birthday Twin since I was born, and this is our first birthday that I can’t call her up so I just have to think about how she’s celebrating in Heaven.

Jer let me relax all day (forbid me from working even when I tried to sneak in a load of dishes) until one of my dear friends arrived with an air hug, card, beautiful tropical flowers (I LOVE flowers!!!), and truffles (I LOVE chocolate!). She knows me so well! The best part was getting to visit with her, which I haven’t done since before she had her baby. She got to see the backyard and hear my kids chatter on, and when she left I reflected on what wonderful people I have been blessed with as friends.

Our family went on a little neighborhood scavenger hunt since my birthday present package was delivered to the wrong address, and we didn’t know where. Jer wrapped it in brown paper, and the kids made some thoughtful and colorful drawings on it that they explained to me before I unwrapped it. Jer made a special dinner of panini sandwiches with the new sandwich maker that he and the kiddos gifted to me! I have been wanting one of these for YEARS, and was super excited to finally be able to make food just like my Mom did when I was growing up! I was in foodie heaven with perfectly toasted hot gourmet sandwiches filled with provolone, turkey, avocado, bacon, and homemade pesto. We ended with vanilla ice cream topped with peaches and crunchy tiny chocolate chips. The kids even created a “Massage Place” and used their wooden eggs as “hot stones” for my back! A perfect birthday from start to finish.


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