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Shared Kids Bedroom Makeover

We’ve made some exciting changes in the boys room! It’s amazing how moving a few things around can completely transform a room and how the kids feels about their space. Let’s start with the Before photos…

Boys Bedroom Before

It was feeling a bit shabby; small things like the blackout curtain falling apart kept adding up. Even though the boys have a bunk bed, they just sleep on the bottom together, so this configuration wasn’t helpful. The top bunk didn’t even have bedding on it unless we had guests. Was the bottom bunk bed ever made? No, but that seemed a lot to expect; it’s even hard for a grownup.

The loft was the boys’ go-to place to hang out and play, not really their room. Sometimes they dumped their creations on the floor. Books they brought to bed ended up piled on the floor, or got trapped and lost under the bed or dresser.

There’s this wonderful walk-in closet, but I’ve struggled with optimizing the space without enough shelves. Moving the Lego bins to the top shelf helped, as well as clearing out the toys they were done with. Getting organized definitely allows me to make bigger changes like rearranging furniture.

The dresser is the only flat surface where they can “put” stuff, so it always has random things on it that spill onto the floor. Most of the dresser top space is taken by Cali our leopard gecko. Her cage is large and we never looked at other possible places for it.

Until now….

Boys Shared Bedroom Makeover

I took down and repaired the curtains! We split the bunk bed into two twins. I’m very proud that I did the disassembly! This was the only arrangement that would fit both beds without blocking the closet and bedroom doors. I love that there’s room underneath their beds to put some of their “special” toys and treasures that are more individual to them. Even Roxy our dog felt comfortable enough to check it out!

This wooden nightstand in a campaign style was previously in the closet. I’ve been saving it for years and finally feel like it’s shining and where it’s meant to be.

We do need lamps, but for now the boys actually have a place to put their books and “working on it right now” creations. The drawer holds F’s Pokémon cards, figures, and special items he frequently likes to take out.

Fresh Bedding

I have been looking for bedding for over two years, ever since my sisters-in-law got the zip-up kind for their kids’ bunk beds that’s supposed to be easy for them to keep tidy. Waiting paid off; I found this matching set in a discontinued print together for less than the price of just one on sale, and made Jer drive me 30 miles away to snag them.

Improved Storage

Jer helped me move the dresser into the closet. I relocated Cali and her lizard cage to the loft cubby shelf. All by myself! She was immediately more active, probably with the increased light.

I had never thought to have their laundry basket in the closet, but I like it and hope it reduces the clothes left on their floor. We moved the footstool here to help the kids reach their hangers and the stuff in the bins on top of their dresser.

Fostering Individuality

Out in the Wild… F playing Pokémon cards, W putting toys away on his own, and L laying about 😆

The easier bedding seems to work! This morning the boys were very excited to show me they “made their bed” without being asked, which never happens!! W even pointed out he liked to make sure his was “with no wrinkles.” 😆

This now feels like a room they can be themselves in.

For example, W has always been enamored with this particular painting from his great-grandparents.

I didn’t have a place for it before (not even in their old setup), but this spot where W requested he could always see it seems right.

Things I’ve witnessed on their first day that let me know they’re owning this room… waking up with different pajamas than what they went to bed in. They got hot in the night and changed in their closet instead of turning on the giant light.

When I checked on them for the first time the next morning, W was studying a Minecraft book (his latest passion), and F was reading his scriptures. I’ve never seen that before. Now F keeps his scriptures in the nightstand where he can read them regularly.

The kids seem inspired to create and play in this rooms. I was shocked at first! “What the… why is it a mess?” As I take pics, though, I am amazed at their creativity.

Somehow the forts (actually, a ship) made with the nugget couch have become even more epic.

Jer and I love that they love their room. The novelty hasn’t worn off yet, but I’m glad now they have some freedom and a better fit as they grow up.

Love, Kat

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