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Sledding Fun in the Snow

Kids had a blast sledding! This was over our long weekend at a park nearby that has a nice slope on a hill. Our old beat up sled did best when riding on our bellies. F ended up sliding backwards all the way down since he had very little control once the sled turned around. L was such a good sister going down with her brothers. I was still feeling sick and breathing hard just walking our dog on the neighborhood uphill, so I only rode down with little W at the very end. He was practically giddy with joy making snow angels, sliding down with any of our family members but especially his Dad, and didn’t even mind running back up the hill to go down again. The kids kept trying to get all the way to the second hill.

I thought it was beautiful seeing the snow covered hill, with these kiddos having such fun this winter.

Love, Kat

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