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Birthday Pie

I asked my sweetheart what he would like for his birthday cake, and he wanted pie! Apple pie, in fact. It was going to be a busy week, though, so he was very understanding if it didn’t end up happening. I was more determined than ever to make it happen. Thank you to my sister-in-law Alyssa for sending me their Mom’s recipe!!! Jer loved his birthday pie so much, he says he’ll never have cake on his birthday again, lol!

We celebrated all week long starting with a movie. The kids (and Jer) were thrilled to get a tub of popcorn and a pickle from the snack station, which is something we almost never do! Super Mario Brothers was the perfect movie for all of us, and we couldn’t stop talking / laughing about it days later and singing the songs.

Movie Night
Birthday Meal

Originally he wanted Popeye’s Chicken for his birthday dinner (bonus that no one cooks), but he changed his mind to homemade BBQ chicken so he could make it healthier and fresh. He also made that delicious cucumber salad! I ran out of time and didn’t get to make a side like Mac and Cheese, potatoes, or anything. I felt bad that he made his birthday meal, but he was so happy that I spent hours making that pie. L was at an activity, so we are without her but we waited for her to return to cut the pie and sing Happy Birthday.

Birthday gifts for Dad

Jer got a new bike helmet since his old one is broken, and a matching Switch controller so that we can have 4 players in a game now. He played Mario Kart with the boys and finally beat F the reigning champion for like 1 of 20 rounds. F “let him win” for his birthday haha!!

Happy Birthday to my Best Friend. He makes our world go round; life is so good having him here. He actually loves being with the kids, listening to their stories and interests, noticing them, indulging their fancies. I tell him he’s the one that holds us together, and he laughs because he thinks I’m the one that holds us together. The truth is I’m a mess without this funny, strong, beautiful in every way man. Today I celebrate the hard work he’s put into being healthier and heartier so he could share this milestone with us. I love you, honey.

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