Summer Living Room

This was the main area right before my brother and his family came to visit! I had dusted and reorganized the shelf, brought out some artwork that had been gaining dust in the basement, and added some fresh flowers to the kitchen and all the rooms.

There was even room on the shelf for another matching bin from our bathroom makeover to put the piano lesson stuff and music books in! Switched out the pillows to include a very old coral indoor/outdoor print I’ve had for many years. We also kept our ottomans down here from when we emptied the loft for carpet cleaning, since it turns out it works well with our living room setup! They hold DVD’s and other media, so it’s been nice to watch family movies downstairs instead of in the loft where there’s usually a kid project taking up all the space (like a fort!).

It felt really clean and ready for all the guests and whatever adventures or relaxation we wanted to have! I’ll try to update this with more close-up photos when I have time.


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