Getting Festive for St. Patrick’s Day

Come on, Spring! I’m READY! Our living area has been a festive break from the snow blizzards going on outside. It brings me joy seeing all the fresh green! I’ve explained before that we’re not actually Irish, but we love celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at our house. It’s one of the only holidays we’ve consistently hosted or planned for no matter how small our apartment was. We’re not able to have a big gathering this year, so decorating the front room has cheered me up.

I made the green and gold pillows finally! Always wanted some, and learned how to sew piping and use the zipper foot on my sewing machine to craft them. I’m very happy with how they turned out! Jeremy also convinced me to take a chance and buy that giant fiddle leaf fig tree, even though I’ve struggled with keeping smaller ones alive. It’s been a great new start for our first Spring at our new house!

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