We’re Having a Baby!

It’s been a kajillion years, but here’s the updates: We moved to the North of Provo into a cute little 1 bedroom apartment with a huge walk-in closet and tons of cabinet space for our growing collection of appliances and kitchen ware from the wedding. Our mutual best friend Robert moved across the lawn from us with his new bride Victoria, and we’ve all become double-daters and late-game-night pals.

On our New Year’s trip to California to visit with my family, we found out we’re having a baby! As of today I’m officially 15 weeks along, and due on August 25th. Jeremy has gone back to work while attending school full time, and I am currently looking for a full-time job while finishing up my last general classes to graduate (finally!). Perhaps the biggest excitement for me right now is learning to cook all over again (this time with more baking), and getting our home ready for our little arrival. Jeremy calls it “Nesting”. So, now that I’m “nesting” when we’re budget-conscious, and I’m not particularly good with crafts, I thought it might be fun to document these adventures.

I used to be into Modern design, and Jeremy was waaay country (we’re talking roosters in the kitchen here). Once we were married, we happily decided on a middle ground that we both liked as our home’s style: coastal cottage. Much of this stems from our love of our hometown in California, and the influence of my mother-in-law whose home is absolutely gorgeous yet very comfortable. Jeremy and I both enjoy her use of whites and neutrals to lighten up interiors while still allowing for accent pieces for color. Someday if we end up having a view or lots of windows, it will be beautiful. We’re slowly building up, but my idea is to have lots of whites and creams for the furniture pieces to lighten up the place, with accents of sea-green and spa-blue, hydrangeas along with palms or fans for greenery, and white coral/starfish. With not enough room for a separate baby room, it’s going to be challenging making room for everything, but I’ll keep you updated!


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