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This is the third place we’ve called home: a 1980’s one-bedroom apartment featuring a good-sized living area with a large window for natural light, basement storage, and a walk-in closet.

In a one-bedroom apartment where painting is prohibited and home improvement projects are limited, we had to get creative with space and design. Storage capacity, furniture with multiple purposes, and comfort were all musts for us. As Californians, we missed the beach and wanted to be casual and comfy at home. Life has caused our style to evolve like this…
  1. Newlyweds with black Ikea furniture filled with STUFF, 8-foot beanbags, love-seat-sofa-set with hand-me-down everything and nothing matching.
  2. New parents with lots of baby gear and bulky baby furniture.
  3. Family focused with washable fabrics, slipcovered furniture, kid-friendly stuff, and flexible arrangements.
I’m so pleased that every detail was designed with love, and that most pieces have a do-it-yourself story behind them in an effort to be budget-conscious. Here’s our attempt at making it ours!
Living Room
Reading Corner
Baby Corner

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