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Paper airplanes and kites. W has been really interested in things that fly, and asked how to make a kite. I couldn’t really find anything on the subject at the library, so I borrowed him a book on making paper airplanes instead. The illustrated templates and instructions were perfect for a little engineer to follow. When he discovered it after he got home from school, he was squealing and me it’s his favorite book ever!

Jer made photocopies of W’s chosen design, enough for all the kids to make one. Over the course of the week, paper plane parts littered the coffee table. L and I helped cut all the pieces out (especially the parts that needed an X-acto knife), and they had a blast putting them together with glue.

The kids couldn’t wait to get outside! They tested them out and flew them in the yard for hours. That’s right, hours. I saw them competing on which one could fly the furthest, but not sure what else they were doing out there.

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