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Mother-Daughter Date: Scavenger Hunt

We had an amazing time on our Scavenger Hunt!! This was our April Mother-Daughter Date. I purchased a “choose your adventure” digital version called “Roam the Riverwoods”. We learned some random stuff, practiced Morse code and maths, and crushed our challenges together! L is a wonderful partner and very observant, she often found answers without needing to do all the work to reach them haha! Love my girl.

There was a “rare books” store there that had a whole shelf of 1st editions of the most popular books, SUPER old bibles and Shakespeare and Jane Austen you could touch on display, and we loved all the rooms!

We didn’t get to look at the art gallery next door or the consignment, but maybe next time. We were kept busy running around counting teeth on the fish statues and hunting down obscure murals, lol!

The scavenger hunt had 7 clues. I was VERY tempted to buy a way overpriced banana split or chocolate covered apple… but we finished up so we could get our favorite Pineapple dole whip from a gas station in Springville.

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