14th Anniversary Date

Celebrating our 14th Anniversary a little early! We had the best time hiking a new spot and experiencing new foods together. On the actual day we’re busy with errands and a late night soccer game. My sweetheart discovered a new trail near our home on one of his bike rides up the canyon, so we explored it together. It’s his new favorite trail! A bridge, shaded forest, sweeping vistas along a ridge with views of the mountains and distant lake.

We tried the most delicious Persian food at Sumac Cafe in Salt Lake. It’s our new favorite!!! Since it’s our anniversary, I ordered anything and everything I wanted (which was a lot!), including what happened to be their most expensive meal. Could not stop eating the appetizer Mirza Ghasemi (smoked eggplant, eggs, tomato, spices), and we even had enough pita bread for extra! Lamb Shank cooked for 9 hours until it’s falling off the bone, with a special basmati rice mixture with dill and Lima beans. I also tried Doogh, a yogurt drink which is an acquired taste but I really enjoyed the small amount I tried during my meal. We even ordered dessert! Homemade Saffron ice cream topped with pistachios and rose petals, that had a special saffron syrup at the bottom that made it out of this world.

We did a Costco run, made dinner for the kids, and ended our day by watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 with a handful of chocolate covered raisins. It was the best!

Love, Kat

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