Family Hike at Prospector View

The kids all said this was their favorite hike and they want to come back regularly; the bridge over water was a hit, as well as the little things they picked up along the trail. They must be part squirrel, as each found treasures of acorns that they put in a jar and scattered all over our coffee table when they got home. L also pocketed abandoned snail shells, colored leaves she found interesting, and flowers to press. It sure added to their fun keeping their eyes peeled for a special souvenir from the discards of the forest.

When I’m experiencing the hike, the photos can’t do justice to the majesty of the mountains or the richness and depth of the colors. Yet I’m looking at these photos, and it almost appears painted. I notice that the skies here are extraordinary—expansive, varied in the texture and coloring of the clouds, ethereal light sometimes in focused rays… it feels like I can breathe bigger or just stretch more because there feels like more room. I really enjoy looking up!

Love, Kat

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