7 Things I Like About Winter

Trying to change my mindset about winter, one season at a time 😆—says the Summer Girl trying not to go crazy waiting for any sign of winter ending… It’s literally Spring already but it’s still snowing so does it even count? I’m looking to my children for inspiration since they love winter; so really, this is a list of Things Kids Help me Love About Winter.

#1 Citrusy Delights

Oranges Image by Freepik

An orange (or five) a day feels like an injection of color to life and a reset to whatever I regret eating earlier. It just makes me feel good and healthy. I love those colorful grape tomatoes, too, for fresh tacos! We stock up on blueberries, kiwi, grapes, and bananas, too, because when you’re feeling off, a little bit of Nature’s sugar is the perfect pick me up.

#2 Blanket Cocoons

Blanket: Journey to Extreme Coziness by Loryn Brantz

Winter is the best time to wrap yourself in that favorite blanket. We discovered this picture book in the library, and it has steps for how to roll yourself into a blanket cocoon! My kids ask me to read it every night. I was a “blankie” child growing up, so it’s relatable.

#3 Comfort Foods

Comfort foods for me are foods that bring me back to our trip to Mexico. We learned how to make delicious fresh pinto beans in the instant pot, and I found an amazing recipe for fresh salsa verde. We make a big batch and enjoy all fresh tacos, chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, nachos, bean dip, refried beans, or even just on their own with a little queso fresco sprinkled on top.

Making Chicken Pot Pie

On snowy weeks I get mad cravings for this chicken pot pie! It’s a bit indulgent as far as calories and way more fat than we’re used to, but it hits the “remember why winter doesn’t suck” spot—because we only enjoy this pie in the cold! I took an entire day for the process making homemade chicken broth, shredding chicken, chilling homemade pie crust, and eventually putting together this pie.

#4 Snow Sparkles

The sunny days in winter are glorious. I get to appreciate the beauty of the snow while on my walks with the dog. We hike to my favorite reservoir or see the snow-covered mountains encased in clouds. I love living in high altitude where sometimes it feels like living among the clouds.

#5 Care Packages

Watercolor cards

On winter days indoors, creating handmade cards in watercolor has been therapeutic. I like practicing new flowers, and that the designs are imperfect because they are a true effort of an unskilled person lol. Real life is messy, and turning that unintentional splotch into something intentional, or acknowledging the off-centered crookedness helps me appreciate that. I like thinking of the wonderful person I’m sending it to as I paint, their favorite things and memories we’ve shared. Sometimes the kids join me and we have a painting party.

I like hearing from the recipient after the surprise arrival. It makes my day knowing something I did made their day!

#6 Hot Showers

A hot shower may not be for every summer day, but in winter it is exactly whatever you need it to be. I need to get my day started. I need to wind down after a long day. I am freezing in my bones and need to thaw back to life. I need a reward after shoveling the driveway*. I need to go to Costco and can’t pull off a beanie look. I need a facial scrub after this winter air has dried my skin out. I am looking forward to a date but I haven’t done laundry- take a hot shower, throw that day old sweater on, and bam! Magic for turning that winter day around.

*Sometimes I like shoveling the driveway.

#7 Wool Socks and Furry Friends

Soft, fluffy, and warming your feet (or heart), wool socks and furry friends make all the mundane frigid things better—like below freezing nights and walking the dog in the slushy snow while fighting a cold. Plus, they are super cute and make me smile with shenanigans or winter snores.

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