Cancun Mexico Family Vacation

Our first international family adventure was an unforgettable and epic week in tropical paradise! We bonded so much over splashing and laughing under the sun, eating delicious food, and taking in all the beauty that God created in this respite.

We have so much love for our friends, who were the most amazing guides with the best tips for traveling with kids and staying at an all-inclusive resort. Two years ago they invited us to join them on this trip of a lifetime! We’ve been planning together and looking forward to it ever since!

Morning view from our balcony

We immensely enjoyed our stay at the Villa del Palmar in Cancun, an all-inclusive resort where the details really made a difference. The location was pristine and felt away from the world- a 30 minute shuttle from the airport in a tucked away area separate from the “hotel zone” through roads lined with jungle. The way they designed the rooms in a U-shape, every room has some gorgeous view of the Caribbean waters or their picturesque pools in the center. Our balcony also had a hammock we enjoyed daily! You can tell they put effort into quality and focusing on the best in every aspect of this resort.

Our Approach

I loved the laid back style our friends had when traveling with kids, including a baby who needed lots of naps and down time. They kept things simple and didn’t over-schedule or try to do too much in one day, making use of all the conveniences from staying at an all-inclusive resort. For example, if going out to dinner by a certain time was too much or would push bedtime too late, they ordered Room Service.

Our daily schedule went something like this:

  1. Get dressed
  2. Breakfast at the international buffet
  3. Change into swim stuff
  4. Pool time
  5. Lunch poolside or at nearby restaurant
  6. Pool round 2
  7. Shower, rest, get dressed for dinner
  8. Dinner at fancy restaurant
  9. Bedtime

Our Favorite Spot

My little Mermaid

This “Owners Only” infinity pool overlooks a stunning view of the Caribbean ocean and Isla Mujeres in the distance. We’ve never experienced so much luxury! It was heated so always the perfect temperature. Throughout the week of trying all the variety of pools, ocean, and places to swim this was our favorite. Our friends were able to reserve cabanas and lounge chairs with umbrellas for even more comfort and privacy. We always had shade and spots to nap, lay, or sit and enjoy lunch / drinks ordered poolside. Just steps from the private virgin beach, without the mess of the sand!


The number and quality of pools and amenities available were so impressive! We rented snorkeling gear and kayaks on our stay. Our kids enjoyed the daily activities at Kids Club, including time for video games, crafts, movies, or beach outings. They always looked forward to it! Our adventures on property were made so convenient with these amenities.

Crafts made at Kid Club

Jer and I were able to relax at the pool reading and swimming, and it felt like a honeymoon. I also got the awesome chance to get a relaxing massage at the resort’s spa with my BFF Leilani! We got to hang out at the beautiful gardens with fountains and drinks afterwards- us Moms were glowing after our treatments!

What to Eat and Drink

Drinking our Miami Vices (half piña colada, half strawberry daiquiri)

Staying hydrated is one of the most important ways to keep your vacation from going downhill haha, so we stocked up on bottled water before and after meals and activities. For every drink we ordered, we had water to accompany it. Our favorite drinks were: Piña colada, Strawberry daiquiri, Miami Vice, Mango daiquiri… all sin alcohol of course! And Jer would recommend their Coca Cola, which tastes different (better) to him here.

L in her twirly dress for fancy dinner

All the restaurants on property were 5-star and so fancy! I packed collared shirts and dresses for the dress code, but our friends totally rocked casual wear confidently and were always treated respectfully—even my littles!

Ready for fancy dinner

The international restaurant was the most convenient for our family because there was no waiting after ordering food, no reservations needed for the most part, and a fresh and delicious variety of food where even the pickiest eaters are happy. I enjoyed their themed nights with omelet stations or local taco plates where the chefs prepared everything fresh to order in front of you. Everything tasted superb and felt organic.

There were restaurants for every mood, so it never got old. Each sit-down restaurant also had a Kids Menu that included classics like chicken nuggets, Mac and cheese, and noodles with red sauce or butter. My little spaghetti lover was always pleased!

Spaghetti heaven

We tried every restaurant on property, and even a super fancy one next door at the sister resort. Jer loved the sports bar themed Legends, where even the desserts followed the sports theme and were a delightful surprise! My favorite meal was a Lamb chop meal perfect in every way from Davino.

I actually got sick with food poisoning early on in our vacation! After skipping breakfast the next day, this Aztec chicken soup rehydrated me and helped bring back my appetite while being gentle on my stomach. I was so grateful for this option when I didn’t feel like I could eat anything!

The Aztec soup that saved me when got sick

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