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9th Birthday Bearded Dragon Surprise

Fletcher my 3 pound preemie baby as big as my hand is now a giant 9 year old! This year he has grown so much in reading and we’re so proud of him.

Favorite author: David Pilkey
Favorite song: Fly Away by Lenny Kravitz
Favorite thing to do: video games, play with friends, soccer, drawing, reading
When I grow up: Board Game Creator

His love for animals continues. Our leopard gecko passed away in February and he was devastated. He cried when we had to release back a horned lizard we caught; it needed a steady supply of fresh ants that’s not possible in captivity. Every time we asked about what he’d like for his birthday, it’s been a bearded dragon. They are expensive up front, so instead of a party we put all of our effort into this big gift and filling his day with family fun.

F has been drawing his perfect bearded dragon setup for WEEKS and learning all he can about taking care of reptiles. He drew this yesterday…

It was almost uncanny how close it was to the real thing, we thought maybe he got a sneak peek at his gift- but he’s just that good at dreaming! Jer hid the surprise in our closet.

Birthday Surprise!

F named his new bearded dragon Maxy. We think it is a girl, a juvenile about 7 months old, and we love her beautiful orange/yellow colors and how sweet she is about being held. Jer is showing F how to take good care of her, from preparing food and vitamins to replacing the heat lamps and paying attention to body language.

Maxy the Bearded Dragon

A few of his birthday festivities:

  • F was able to request what we ate today- frittata for breakfast, sushi for lunch, and mushroom pasta for dinner
  • A digital watch from Grandma and Grandpa
  • Scoring the winning game point in pickleball
  • Banana splits instead of cake, with all the ice cream flavors and toppings he picked out (because he doesn’t like too much sugar lol)
  • Watching the movie Echo for the first time and it was a good pick!
  • Playing video games and with friends
  • L did all his chores for him
  • Ending the night with a new electric toothbrush he’s been really wanting, and swim goggles to go with upcoming swim lessons he’s so excited about.

F’s piano teacher told him that today Heavenly Father was bringing a very special gift in the heavens: 6 of the planets (Saturn, Neptune, Mars, Uranus, Mercury and Jupiter) would all be aligned in the sky in a rare astronomical planetary parade. It feels like even the sky is celebrating!

There is no such thing as Ordinary Days with this kid- they are always made more precious and fun. He has such a good heart, a strong spirit, and he brings so much joy to our family. I love you forever, Fletch.

Love, Mom

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