Easter 2024

Jer and the kids dyed eggs last night. I saw their designs for the first time today once they gathered all their eggs. L visibly grinned when she found my favorite hiding spot- a pale blue plastic egg hidden amongst the fresh eggs in a clear container we keep on the kitchen counter. “Clever bunny,” she remarked. We’ve got to keep it challenging as they become more skilled egg hunters.

W was so excited he tried to go to sleep early last night, and then early this morning we caught him sneaking downstairs. The message on his gift was still the same, but in completely different handwriting.

The kids each got LCD writing tablets with a stylus pen for unlimited drawing. It was a big hit for only around $6 each! F got an Easter necktie that zips, W got a hiking daypack as his fanny pack is too small now.

L will soon grow out of her swimwear, so she got a 3-piece swim set including a zip-up long sleeve rash guard, tankini, and swim shorts. Great coverage for sun protection, modest, a nice cut / style for a young teen, and coordinating solid colors which L loves.

Their plastic eggs were filled with tropical/summer themed fruit snacks and Cadbury chocolate eggs; plus some novel flavors of Peeps like cotton candy and sour watermelon.

We have been following the Easter study guide and had a very beautiful family lesson last night studying Christ’s visit to the Americas after his resurrection. The Easter program for church was a musical celebration and all of us sang. We are so grateful that our Savior lives and He is risen!

Love, Kat

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