Apartment Bedroom: Before and After

The hubs used to dread coming into this room because it was so crammed with clutter everywhere and he couldn’t relax. We had a cheap bookshelf from when we were newlyweds, packed with books we didn’t have time to read, and strange objects would end up here—tools, handouts, plastic bags, yech… It became our dumping ground. Clothes would end up in a pile all over the floor, on top of the desk, nightstand, chair, shelf, you name it. We never opened the blinds on the windows to let the light in. I never took photos of it, so really the only Before shot we have of it is a still from a home video when my parents came to visit and we actually got rid of the stuff on the floor of our bedroom. Behold…

It’s come a long way… always a work in progress. Some things on my list: change the color of that mirror, maybe just replace it with some large square frames, put our sisal rug underneath the space, put up some curtains, hide the laundry stuff, make baby’s corner feel like a cute nursery, and hopefully end up without a crib in our bedroom someday. For now, this is what it looks like today.


The Desk



The Bed

Our bed takes up most of our room, so it needed an update and some love. The headboard was made by a family member for our wedding, and we love its character. During the winter we like to break out this special heirloom quilt my hubby’s grandmother made for our wedding, but I wanted to have a nice light and airy feeling from an all-white bedding during the rest of the year. None of the stuff in our room matched our casual beach-loving style, so all the black had to go.


The new duvet cover is one of my first DIY sewing projects based on the Hadley Ruched Duvet from Pottery Barn that I absolutely LOVED but couldn’t afford. It took forever several attempts for me to get it right, but it turned out awesome and we love the restful simple elegance it brings to our room.



I had a very specific look in mind for these lamps—glass, large, shapely. I wanted a beachy element and the option to fill the bottom with fun things like sand and photographs. 

Lamps: DIY
Bedding DIY
Bed Skirt: Target
King Seersucker Shams: West Elm
Headboard: Gifted DIY
Sunburst Mirror: Hobby Lobby
Rocking Chair: Consignment Store
Night Stands / Side Tables: Tattered Butterfly Design
Letters box: TJ Maxx
Crib: Kendall petite fixed-gate crib from Pottery Barn
Sisal Rug: Pottery Barn

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