Spellbound Halloween Living Room

Stay awhile in our cobweb-laden living room! It feels like you’ve been trapped in an ancient library where everything is slowly decaying… but also brushing up on Pirate history and dragon lore before giving us a haunted tune.

W has been rearranging all the fake spiders daily. Jer went the extra mile and put the black lights on the bookshelf and piano for an eerie glow that hopefully would make it feel more ”creepy-cool”.

We added a new pillow to our collection! W went shopping with me, and chose it because the repeating geometric pattern looked like spider webs. It’s the perfect cuddle size, and I imagine it in Dumbledore’s office with the rich warm hue and luxurious threads. The tree branch is a real one I had the happy accident of rescuing while on one of my carpool pickups. A wreath made with black bird feathers seemed just the right amount of Halloween for me—not too much!

In the daylight it’s a little more ”pretty”, and the most important thing—comfy and a place where we want to be together! Some of our sweet little neighbors gifted us the fall leaves while we were in the canyon together. They have dried, but maintain their bright colors!

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