Stay-cation’s Where I Want To Be

We took our first vacation… well, really, stay-cation… of the year, and Jeremy ended up getting sick on the second day!

Since it was during the week, we were able to go do fun things after dropping Baby Girl at daycare. One day we went to the movies and watched Bourne Legacy (which rocked and we can’t wait for the next one). The next day we went hiking up Mt. Timpanogos and toured the Timpanogos caves—every visitor of Utah should do that! We were able to see some amazing cave formations of all shapes and sizes in three different connected caves with water as clear as day and deposits that glowed different colors based on what minerals mixed together to form it. Amazing what patience and thousands of years can create. We were allowed to take pictures, but wouldn’t you know it—like most amazing stuff we’ve done, we didn’t have our camera! After we signed our names in the great big book of visitors, we hiked the trail back and 1.5 miles becomes really long when you really have to go to the bathroom while hiking at a 45 degree angle in most spots. We did manage to take an awesome picture of the view of the canyon (it’s still on our phones), so that was good.

We’ve decided we need to do this kind of stuff more often because we are not up to snuff on the hiking front.

The other highlight of our stay-cation was meeting up with family from out of town and hitting up Ikea for some Swedish meatballs and square frames that I need to decide what to put in. During the week it was like my birthday because I found some bubble lamps on KSL that were a good deal, and the hubs got me a brand new skirt just because! We never go out and just buy something because “it’s a good deal”, so it must have been the stay-cation spirit of shopping in new places. 
Baby Girl was an angel; her teachers always tell me how good she is and how smart she is, and how much they love having her in class because she makes them laugh. The other day when I went to pick her up, she was in one of those bungee swings that hang from the doorway doing this hilarious Elmer Fudd laugh and every time her teacher would push her in the swing she would crack up so loud that the rest of the kids looked at her and started laughing, too. Love that girl. It’s back to school for me, along with a sick hubby and lots of work to do, so until next time!

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