Bonding Time: Fun with Grandparents

We were so glad to see my parents and have them visit us!

Day 1: Arrival & Soccer Game

Day 2: Adults Only

Temple & Shopping. Provo Canyon & Heber Murdoch Trail.

This was so special for me to be able to go inside the temple with my Mom for the first time. We had a really wonderful experience of peace and learning there. After lunch we walked next door to an ice cream shop I’ve been meaning to try. Mom said it was the best banana split she’s ever had. They had a super creamy Taro flavor! My friend was able to take my boys home so that I could spend more time with my Mom. I took her to my favorite consignment shop, and then we checked out My Sister’s Closet Boutique. We found that she matched one of the mannequins in the shop window! Jer and my Dad spent the whole day biking on scenic trails and eating burgers (like us!). They rode their Brompton bikes, which Jeremy absolutely loves.

We had a smorgasbord of leftovers: beef minestrone soup, tocino, fried fish, chicken wings, King crab, asparagus, mango, and my Mom’s strawberry dessert. The boys got to try their new Halloween costumes that my parents brought for them.

Day 3: Family Bike

We packed all the bikes and family into the van, and rode together on the Spanish Fork river trail. I ran alongside my youngest, who was on a balance bike and couldn’t go as far as everyone else. Our family jokes about forming “The Bike Gang”, but we very much enjoy experiencing the outdoors together on a bike ride. Afterwards we had a special family lunch at a delicious Mexican restaurant, then Dad and Jer made sushi for an Asian Fusion night! Mom brought boba and Japanese soup. Dad makes his own mirin for the sushi rice. The kids sang karaoke and I got to join them at the end. Dad even enjoyed one of the retro songs I discovered!

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