Book Lover’s Paradise

Our February Mother-Daughter Date was a visit to a local bookstore. What a gem! I loved the rich paint on the walls and the eclectic feature areas where books could have a moment to shine. They had an alcove with collector books, rows and rows of shelves for every genre. People had written notes about favorite books, and there were even stars from the staff picks.

We discovered miniature figures in every corner, little cupboards filled with displays for classics like Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter. They had some hilarious gifts like “Book Boyfriend Bookmarks”, candles with scents like “Smells Like Draco” (we might have laughed out loud), and punny stickers.

Some of my other favorite details: A phoenix trimmed looking glass. Hand cut arrows at the round recommendation table. A cute girl in her happy place.

Love, Kat

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