St Patrick’s Day Party 2024

We were pretty low key, had food and Irish music, relaxed and visited together with the kids playing upstairs, and had some silly moments with the photo props.

The Dunns made our table shine with a St. Patrick’s Day themed dessert charcuterie board. Wow! So special. Travis and Audrey brought delicious vegetables of garlic cabbage, roasted baby broccoli and asparagus. We even had special flavored seltzer water drinks.

Baby cousin Scarlett (Scottie) came to visit for the first time! We all loved on her (it just couldn’t be helped) and enjoyed her sweet little cheeks and presence. She smiled so big for her Grandma Monica!

I made bread until 9pm last night, and that was my attempt at being prepared haha. I am so grateful for Jeremy and the kids. The kids wiped the black marks from our doors, vacuumed, and W even dusted the piano and bookshelves. Jer scrubbed vents with a toothbrush, cleaned the very messy mudroom, washed the floors, and fed us all leftovers to clear the fridge. This man helped our neighbors/friends move this morning while I helped them clean. To think we hadn’t even begun to get ready for this family gathering and we already felt done haha. I was a crazy person trying to do Spring Cleaning right before everyone came over, and my family gave me lots of grace and forgiveness as I turned the house upside down. There’s nothing so motivating for getting it together as company coming over…

We ended the night with some rounds of Uno Flip- there were upsets, surprises, and lots of cheering haha. And of course lots of hugs and snacking.


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