Double Date

Here is one of my best friends, Sepideh! I haven’t seen her in months so we went on a double date with our husbands to a new burger joint with unique interesting flavors (Backdoor BRGR in Provo). She had been there 3 times already this week!

Our husbands get along really well, and maybe are bad influences on each other haha. “I’ll get a soda if he does.” “I’ll have what he’s having!” We mostly ordered from the specials that aren’t available all the time because I love trying dishes that you can’t get anywhere else. The guys had Tokyo Taxi Drivers, which included wasabi in the sauce, tempura shrimp, and fresh pickled cucumbers. My burger (Grumpy Claire) had apples cooked in a savory caramel sauce, honey mustard, and applesauce—a delicious combination but not too sweet. My friend’s was akin to a Peanut butter and jelly sandwich if it were a burger haha.

The waffle fries were delicious, with shakers for different flavors at the table for us to mix onto our fries or the special fry sauce. The drinks came in cold-keeping tumblers and giant fun mugs!

Our evening was filled with such enjoyable food and conversation, we ended up at Brooker’s ice cream again even though we were all super full from dinner! We bonded sharing with each other about raising our kids, the spiritual things that are happening in our lives, the changes in our work, and the many ways that we’re finding joy these days. I’m so grateful for these amazing people we’ve been able to make friends with over the years.

Love, Kat

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