February Family Update

Let’s get the rundown of this month, shall we?


Video game themed Valentine cards, with candy hearts for each of the kids from us. They saved the boxes bearing a heartfelt note written by their Dad. Fairy toast for Valentine breakfast.

Home Cooking

We’re trying to eat healthy this winter. I’m quite pleased at my efforts this month. From meal planning, grocery shopping, preparing ingredients, cooking, and cleaning—I sure spend a lot of my time on the endeavor.

This was my first time making a frittata, a good source of fiber and an easy way to use up protein-rich eggs. My first time using the air fryer was making the tortilla strips for our chicken tortilla soup. When I was craving veggies or something “fresh feeling” I made some minestrone. I’m now addicted to that Granola cereal, and Jer has only enabled me haha.

This cold weather also means I’m looking for variety, and relying on my own cravings. This month it was some Greek and Filipino dishes that felt comforting. I’m needing to shop at Costco weekly with all the bulk fruit and veggies we eat now.

This month we celebrated love, friendship, and togetherness. I am so grateful for this family of mine!

Love, Kat

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