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Mother-Daughter Date: Afternoon Tea

We’re more than halfway through on our Year of Mother-Daughter Dates, and this girl has been thriving with one-on-one activities. We have had so much fun together, and I have loved spending time with my daughter!

Card for Mother Daughter Date – Birthday Tea Party

In celebration of our birthdays, I made reservations a couple of weeks in advance. We got all dressed up for this date and headed over to a fancy little chocolate café in Provo called Taste 117. A beautiful window seat was waiting for us with fresh flowers, a pitcher of ice water, and a seasonal menu that always impresses. She told me about her latest book she’s reading as we sipped on hot cocoa with whipped cream, and I downed an entire pot of cacao. It amused her that such little tiny morsels could fill us up so quickly- we couldn’t finish! My favorite dessert was a panne cotta topped with grapefruit and ginger, as I love grapefruit and rarely find grapefruit flavored anything! L raved about the apple tart I think. And of course I need to learn how to make scones so I can enjoy one of these daily!!! We had so much sugar, we had to “detox” hahaha as L calls it (basically just eat savory foods and lots of water) all the next day.

We explored downtown Provo a little to walk off the chocolate stupor haha, and made a stop at the Provo City Center Temple visitor’s center and gardens. We were so full that we skipped dinner, then watched a late night movie “Holes”. Both of us really enjoyed it from my bed before cuddling and falling asleep.

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