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Winter Mother-Daughter Dates

We’ve kicked off the new year with some quality time. I really love hanging out with my daughter! This was part of her Christmas present, and we’ve taken full advantage.

“Coffee” Date

This is a very cozy and still special date that works well when it’s cold and dreary outside. We don’t actually drink coffee, but this coffee house fitted from a storage container had a rustic vibe and also served Italian sodas and hot chocolate. L and I split a cinnamon roll, and talked for over an hour discussing the prompts in our mother-daughter journal.

We perused the adjacent store, then hung out at the Springville Library (L’s favorite) and ended our date with lunch at Zupa’s. The chocolate covered strawberries were giant and delicious, perfect for sharing!


L and I set up her room for a girls night. Normally we have sleepovers in my room, but instead of kicking out the boys from my bed I thought of laying on L’s new beanbag. I ended up sleeping on the Nugget Couch covered in blankets, and our dog Roxy joined us. We watched 13 Going On 30 (she was thoroughly embarrassed for Jenna) with the twinkle lights on, and talked/laughed for another hour or so before passing out.

Going to the Bank

This kiddo did a Job Shadow Day for school and got the whole day off so she could assist me and learn what her Mom actually does for work! After hours at my computer, we headed to the bank to set up a Youth Savings account for her to stash her cash in from babysitting. It has a higher savings rate, convenient online access, up to $20 match for an opening deposit, and pay for good grades which she is notorious for, so it seemed like a good start in saving for her. The hardest step is the first one, right? She received a Debit Card, a mini piggy bank that she gave to her brothers, and some special candy she chose from the treat jar. We grocery shopped at Costco where she helped me calculate the costs as we went, and then we treated ourselves to sharing a fresh Chicken Bake on the drive home.

Account Opening Day

Zumba Dance Class

Imagine doing cardio for an hour straight. We worked up a sweat and heard some fun music at my friend’s local dance studio! Saturday mornings are busy this month with cleaning the church building, but L and I helped earlier and then rushed on over. We forgot to bring water bottles, but Oakley our instructor thankfully had some because I was dying lol! Days later we talked about how our bodies were still recovering from all the squats hahaha. L had so much fun that we’re going again tomorrow (two weeks of dance instead of just one). I figure I need to stay active this winter, as I haven’t been running lately, and L wants to build up her endurance for soccer season coming up.

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