Fall Leaves Hike

Pinch me, it’s pumpkin season already?? I’ll have more updates on what we’ve been up to. For now I wanted to highlight a gorgeous hike. My mother in law came for an impromptu visit over the weekend, so we took the opportunity to show her our favorite hike near our home when the leaves have all put on a display of fiery foliage.

You really do need to see it to appreciate it, as these photos don’t do it justice and are a mere shadow of the depth and color that surrounds you.

The beauty of this Earth and the changing of the seasons takes my breath away. It eases me into what my mind imagines as the sting of winter. It reminds me how bold and fleeting and precious right now is, and to take it all in because tomorrow it will be a new adventure. I love my home and where we live so that this piece of heaven is a short drive or walk or ride away, and I can enjoy it more often. Being outdoors in fresh air with the ones you love really does so much good for the soul. Let’s get out there!!

Love, Kat

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