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Wizarding World Fantastic Feast

I solemnly swear we were up to no good for the most magical evening at the Lindon Castle in a Harry Potter inspired feast and festival! A chance to dress up and party with other Potterheads? Merlin’s Beard, sign me up! This was such an imaginative and immersive experience we’ll not forget. My little L is such a fan of the Harry Potter books and movies.

L wore her new Ravenclaw robe with a bright silky lining and a wand pocket, and I dressed as a Goth Beauxbaton. L made her way through a Wizarding Village full of shops, then a feast and special dance performance, and a competition to win the House Cup.

We had the time of our lives earning gems by attending Transfiguration, Care of Magical Creatures, and Potions. Our elixir did not turn out correct, but our professor said it was “Average” 😆. We even made it to the Room of Requirement to practice our defense against the dark arts.

Expecto Patronum

L’s charm was a horse! I conjured my Patronus… a Phoenix! When they announced the House cup winners, our House won by 1 point! It was so exciting as blue confetti exploded all over our table and all the Ravenclaws were overjoyed. L could hardly believe it! We finished our night with some souvenirs, where after much thought L decided to take home a beautiful Quill / Ink set and a small animal from the menagerie. L named her Pygmy owl “Marshall Burnt Mellow”, or “Marsh” for short.

Mischief Managed – with Marsh-mellow

We listened to the HP soundtrack on the way home and L couldn’t stop talking about our night. This was such a wonderful way to support the Utah Metropolitan Ballet, everyone did an AWESOME job. I hope everyone who loves the Wizarding world can come and enjoy this experience at least once!

Love, Kat


  • Wilee

    Super fun! Hope you guys were able to enjoy. So many great pictures and it looks like hopefully that could be a yearly thing. I wonder where the other boys were.

    • klloyd

      Thanks, brother! The boys love spending uninterrupted time with their Dad! I remember coming home late at night and finding chicken wing bones, a new bag of candy corn, and evidence of popcorn haha so I’m sure they had a fun night together <3

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