Family Night Hike

Not sure how Jer comes up with these brilliant ideas, but he decided to go for a night hike with the kids in Payson Canyon. The kids loved using their flashlights to check out all the trees. We got them treats from the gas station, and then hiked 1.5 miles in the forest overlooking some beautiful mountains and a stream. Even the dog had a good time! We were too loud to see any wildlife, but F did see a moth. There were some solar powered Christmas lights in the trees that formed arrows, which was fun at night. W kept asking for days afterwards if I remembered our Night Hike, and when our next Night Hike would be.

Jer said that the night hike was practice for Laser Tag with the kids for the first time—that way, we could be brave and fast, stick together, and not give up. Kids did SO well for 5 rounds of laser tag with tough opponents! Our last game when we finally were able to be all on the same team, we reached 2nd place out of 4 teams. 

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