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The Best of Fall Break: 5 Fun Family Outings

I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.

L. M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

It’s been a wonderful breather amidst our hectic schedules, and also a lot more busy than we thought it would be. We did our favorite traditions like the Pumpkin patch (pics below).

#1. Unforgettable Festivities

Fall Break had a few new experiences, starting with an epic Mother-Daughter date to the Harry Potter themed Fantastic Feast & Festival (more photos and details here).

#2. Fall Break Service Projects: Teaching Kids the Joy of Giving Back

Friday morning, Jer and I headed to a service project to paint the graffiti in the canal by our neighborhood school. Painting without having to tape or think about anything was actually really therapeutic.

Jer has a new church calling. He locks up our church building and organizes cleanings quarterly. Our month was almost over and Fall Break underway when the first cleaning needed to happen. My sweetheart spent 3+ hours scrubbing a giant building of bathrooms and Mother’s rooms by himself while the kids and I vacuumed and wiped everything. Another family came to help 😁! Kids were so excited to know each other from school! Next time will be easier when we’re more prepared with more helpers. It felt rewarding to chill the rest of the day.

Jer had such a positive attitude the whole time. I had one of those sweet moments of joy noticing the kids with all the vacuums, singing with each other and following their friends around with spray bottles and a rag. They were tired, but they were also the most beautiful little souls I had ever seen. I’m so happy that our kids can grow up serving cheerfully together and being Helpers when something needs to be done.

#3. Must-Do Fall Break Family Activity: Pumpkin Patch


This is when W really shines and just revels in his favorite season. He could have gone on the slides endlessly. We did all the things: bury the kids in the corn pit, pet and say hi to the animals, climb the hay bales, get lost in the corn maze, snack on kettle corn on the hay ride, and walk all the way to the back of the field to find our carving pumpkins. W’s day hit a snag when he got hurt by a corn cob that got flung at him out of nowhere accidentally. Jer comforted him, carried him, and let him finish off the bag of kettle corn.

Life is not measured by time. It is measured by moments.

Armin Houman

#4. Old Tradition to Bring Back: Pizza Parlor and Foodie Adventures

Jer did a throwback to the family time he grew up with at a pizza place with arcade games. Many modern pizza establishments are for quick pickup orders and not anywhere to sit! In an effort to all share a meal together as a family and make it special, we took a trip to Springville for some sour dough pizza and to spend a bunch of quarters 😆. Of course we paid a visit to our favorite library, then went across the street to the Farmer’s Market with all the food trucks and little shops. I spent $$ on the amazing artisan bread, and Jer got the kids a special licorice treat.

#5. Fall Family Photos

I did our annual family photo session of our BFF’s. It’s a tradition we’ve had for over a decade now. I try to make it short, let them do silly faces to warm up their smiles, and encourage the kids with candy. Jer helped me scope out locations in our canyon so I could take test shots and see which spots my friend wanted photos at. The shoot went well! They stayed late for a lovely dinner Jer cooked, including his seasoned fries with lemon chicken thighs, cheesy broccoli, and a batch of oatmeal cookies. We even got to play Dominos Mexican Train together!

The kids had downtime at home playing lots of video games and getting creative with friends!

We also went as a family to a local Mexican restaurant, and all got to try different dishes. Eating out is a special occasion activity because we don’t do it often. It was so nice to have a break from the kitchen and treat ourselves to a delicious meal without the cooking and cleanup! I love the pampered feeling of enjoying good food with my sweetheart and kiddos.

Love, Kat

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