My Do-Less Christmas Decorating

I may have just been burned out. Or lazy, that’s totally possible. Let’s call it “Minimalist” when it comes to the decorating and everything else with the holidays this year!

We’ve had some gorgeous snow this winter, and more sunny days than dreary ones which has really soothed me and made the cold bearable. My youngest son W, and our dog Roxy have kept me company LOVE the snow—a snowstorm to them is no big deal?! It helps that rest of the family also loves the snow- playing in it, shoveling it, making sledding hills on it, going for walks in it… forcing me to go outside and slowly see the beauty of winter. Jer rolled out a painters cloth for when people come through the front door, which really helped ease my anxiety over all the mess from everyone playing outside in the snow and going in/out constantly.

I sometimes get down on myself with always being on the receiving end of neighbor gifts and holiday joy. It’s the time of year that I struggle to accomplish just the required daily activities, so I’ve given up on anything extra, and have tried to release myself from any feelings of guilt or needing to participate.

I did the absolute minimum as far as decorating, gifts, and everything else since this year was especially crazy. Kids outgrew clothes and shoes right as they needed warmer layers for outside. I was ordering things like pajamas last minute because I thought I could get away with just a BIG present for each child. Jer said, “No, don’t be lame.” Haha so I complained to him about how doing gifts, stockings, new PJS, **and** Santa gifts was so much work for me, and then did all of it anyway. Finding and ordering things in time for Christmas while we’d be away was stressful for me. I wrapped and ended up unwrapping presents because we decided to give them from Santa. Jer was still writing 4 term papers amidst us packing for our CA trip, grading, cleaning the house after having had COVID all of November, and more. Even though I got family photos printed with the hope I would send them out with Christmas cards, it didn’t happen, haha. I just had to tell myself it’s ok to “Do Less”, hahaha.

The Nativity

W is my Little Engineer, so he and all the kids have been rearranging the Nativity Blocks daily. It’s one of my easiest “decorations” as long as the kids keep all the pieces on the shelf, and I love that they are *meant* to be played with and are so fun. He loves showing me his new creations, and always showcases “baby Jesus” haha.

The Tree

Even though we were going out of town for half the month, we bought a live pine tree to decorate and light up our living room. We had a nice family activity putting up the ornaments, but I left half of the decorations untouched in the box this year. The only thing I put up were the stockings on the window so it wouldn’t look so bare, haha. Then for actual Christmas Day they were taken down to be filled.

The Christmas cards got strung up on the bookshelf after we came home from our trip, and was a wonderful way to be “surrounded” by family and friends during the holidays.

Jer was able to put up the lights early which we enjoyed the entire season daily as we went on walks with the dog, played in the snow, and did games and activities as a family. I really do love this time of year remembering my Savior, being with my amazing family, and enjoying treats and traditions we only do this time of year!

More on how our actual Christmas went soon!

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