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Happy 12th Anniversary!

Has it really been a dozen years married to my Jeremy? We kicked things off with jokes about being “12 Years a Slave… For You” 😂 After the kids’ long bedtime routine, we were exhausted just trying to sleep holding each other and I realized I was kind of holding him tightly. “Sorry,” I quietly told him, “sometimes I worry about being too possessive and suffocating you.” I knew that he knew (that I knew he knew…?) what I meant, and I love that I didn’t have to clarify or explain myself—he just gets me. He paused and looked back at me and very sincerely told me, “Oh honey, I worry that I’m the one doing that to you!” So there we were clinging to each other just laughing our guts out! I guess it works when we have the same problem being obsessed with each other.

In honor of our anniversary celebrating 12 years of marriage thus far, I’m sharing my favorite Newlywed photos. With each passing year, my heart is more grateful to revisit one of the happiest days of my life through these photos. It was the start of a chain reaction of all the other happiest days of my life! It feels like time travel now, just moments that I can clearly remember. His face just beaming at me, his eyes smiling. I can feel the sunshine, that it was perfect weather for September and dancing all night with our loved ones. We were married “for time and eternity” in a place of great meaning to both of us. Seeing these photos of us there brings me such joy. We still make each other laugh that way. He still sees into me and embraces me fully.

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